ICE USA 2013 Quickie New Product Review

ICE USA Intl. Converting Exhibition LogoWith almost 350 companies displaying their wares over the three days of ICE USA 2013 last week in Orlando, there were plenty of new products to catch converters’ eyes. Here’s just a taste of the machinery, materials, components and accessories on exhibit:

Filmquest Group offered its new Soft Touch Ultra Low Gloss CP-267 film, which has a dead matte surface allowing high-definition graphics to be seen from any angle without loss of clarity from reflected store lighting. The firm also introduced its metallized CP-270 ultra high metal bond Questar film. Developed for flexible-packaging applications, it’s used where several layers of film are laminated together using a solventless process. A proprietary polymer primer is applied to the film before metallization to prevent the breakdown of the metal bond.

handle 002_retouchCCGoldenrod Corp. introduced a new way to safely handle 6-in. winding shafts: Removable lifting handles help eliminate the awkwardness (hugging) and bending needed when handling any standard shaft. Designed to be used exclusively with Goldenrod’s advanced 6-in. Ultra-Lightweight Multi-Bladder Shaft, they engage and disengage quickly from the fail-safe receptors embedded directly into the body of the shaft, allowing for faster, safer changeovers.

Webex, Inc., displayed a mirror-finished chill roll along with a vacuum roll and line of bowed rolls for web spreading and slit separation. The extrusion chill roll has a 0-1 Ra flawless finish. The supplier can produce extrusion chill rolls up to 36 in. in diameter with lengths of over 200 in.

LED2000-500The new series of LED strobe lights from Unilux combines the power of traditional xenon-powered strobe lights with the operating benefits of LED lighting. Its LED2000-Series LED stroboscopic inspection lights won a C2 American Converting Innovation Award at the show. The new lights are five times brighter than Unilux’s first generation of LED strobes, yet, they operate on only 25-35% of the power consumption of its Lith-O-Light strobes. They are also about one-third the size and weight of traditional equivalents and lighter while replicating their power and increasing the flash-rate range.

Among other products, ICEUSA2013 Dover Flexo demoDover Flexo Electronics provided a demonstration of its SteadyWebTM5 tension controller, which maintains set tension on a web in any zone to improve converting and printing process consistency. In the demo, the controller takes a tension input signal from a narrow-web tension transducer. For setup and configuration, operators can use the front-panel color graphic interface with its convenient scroll knob, or choose a communications option that fits the specific application, including using a smartphone. The SteadyWeb5’s onboard Web server allows Ethernet communication for setup and control via connected PC or remotely from a WiFi-enabled smart device.

NDC offers nine distinct, on-line product measurement technologies for converting that provide an exact web-gauging configuration for each particular process. Its IG710S backscatter sensor produces high-resolution coatweight, laminate and moisture measurement without the need for a base stock sensor. The SR710S infrared reflectance gauge provides an unusual solution for directly measuring thin, clear coatings on metallic foils or metallized paper and plastics.

ICEUSA2013 Nordson EDI PremierNordson EDI featured the next-generation EPC™ extrusion-coating die. The patent-pending system provides performance enhancements, such as rapid and accurate changes in width, operators can quickly retract the deckle components and insert a simple brass scraper to clean away carbonized polymer, and fast removal of the deckle system for “split and clean.” The supplier also presented its Premier™ coating station (left), a self-contained slot-die system that combines robust construction, versatility and consistent accuracy. It includes flexible- or fixed-lip coating head, die support, fluid delivery unit and coating rolls. Positioning of the die relative to the coating roll is held to within only 2.5 microns.

Parkinson Technologies put on several demonstrations per day of its Model Genesis 700SL center-driven, duplex slitter/rewinder. The new shaftless-unwind version runs at speeds of up to 1,500 fpm, and handles parent rolls to 62 in. wide and 40 in. in diameter. The unit features PLC touchscreen controls, tension controls and a single-point utility connection. The Genesis 700SL handles film and laminates, papers, nonwovens, labelstocks, film with a liner and other specialty materials.

Meech CyCleanAmong Meech Static Eliminators USA’s web-cleaning systems is the CyCleanTM non-contact system (right). Developed as a direct response to increased demand for high-quality performance in a range of applications, the CyClean fits labeling to pharmaceutical and coating markets. Being a non-contact web cleaner, it’s compatible with all web materials. The TakClean™ is said to provides excellent cleaning power, removing particles as small as 0.5 micron. It effectively cleans double-sided webs from 300-800 mm wide, at a speed of up to 250 mpm. The ShearClean™ handles coating, converting, laminating and specialty plastics. It can be supplied for use with roll widths up to 1.8 meters and web speeds to 450 mpm.

Comexi Group touted its new CTec Manel Xifra Boada Technological Center to the North American audience. The center, located at Comexi HQ in Spain, offers assistance and knowledge in areas such as innovation, trends and the needs of the flexible-packaging market. Last fall, the center hosted a seminar in Bogota, Colombia, attended by 40 converting professionals from across South America. Presentations were mainly given by specialized Comexi technicians. This was the first visit of CTec to the US.

H.B. Fuller Co. introduced a family of water-based, dry-bond, hybrid laminating adhesives for flexible packaging in the food and industrial markets. Flextra PD2243 offers high performance with excellent clarity on various films, high bond strength, high chemical resistance and high heat resistance. It’s suitable for standup pouches. Flextra PD2167 provides the widest window of performance for its cost with good bond strength on a variety of films, good clarity and gravure-cylinder cell release, leading to good adhesive transfer and easy clean-up. Flextra PD2207, said to be suitable for bakery, snack and confectionary packaging, offers outstanding economics for a water-based adhesive.

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