What brand owners want from packaging converters: Sustainability, innovation & collaboration

New AIMCAL logoIn her keynote at the recent AIMCAL Web Coating & Handling Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, Dana Mosora summed up “The Market for Flexible Laminates from the End-User Perspective” as sustainability, innovation and collaboration—the three keys to brand owners’ hearts for packaging converters.

Mosora, value chain and sustainability leader with Dow Performance Packaging in Europe, says the industry is focusing on innovation to deliver on more sustainable packaging. Across the value chain, collaboration is considered a key enabler to bring to the consumer the type of product performance and benefits which he or she would expect. Mosora provided insight into the role of collaboration between brand owners, converters and other participants in the packaging value chain. Bullet points of interest include:

Earth RecyclingSustainability

  • CPGs want more sustainable packaging, which has become better defined over time
  • Eighty-three percent of consumers say the environmental impact of the packaging affects their product purchase decisions
  • Recycling is typically the No. 1 eco activity of consumers
  • Fifty percent think that eco labeling helps, but this means that 50% think it doesn’t help or are ambivalent or unaware of eco labeling
  • Converters need to emphasize downgauging or source reduction of materials; and reducing the greenhouse-gas emissions created or energy used in package manufacturing


  • CPGs want more convenience packaging via portioning, reclosing, resealing, easy opening; more value converted into the packaging brings more value to the consumer
  • New functionality — FreshCase by Curwood delivers superior flavor, quality and longer shelf life for case-ready fresh meat; helps reduce total cost throughout the value chain
  • Source reduction — Three DOW sealant solutions for liquid board packaging can reduce coating weight (over 30%) while improving converting productivity
  • Differentiation — Digital printing allows for beautiful packaging, niche positioning for many products from flexibles to metal cans, and in many end markets from HBA, beverages and foods


  • Co-suppliers can leverage their respective complementary know-how
  • Brand owners must facilitate a clear collaborative process so that converters can gain confidence to invest in new technologies
  • It takes commitment and willingness for collaboration to work on all levels
  • Twenty-three percent of brand owners foresee a lack of breakthrough innovation, need solutions with global leverage and application
  • Half of converters absorb the pressure of being “Success or Failure” lynchpins, want help with countering the risks of their ROI
  • In one example, Dow supplied resin for tape coating, Starlinger extruded the material, and Haver & Boecker provided the bagmaking machinery. Together, the team created a patented, woven form-fill-seal bag for commodity food and chemical products. The hermetic bag is recyclable — reportedly a first for polyethylene bags of this type
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