Flexible packaging, gravure printing reports ahead

FPA logoThe spring 2012 meeting, trade show and conference session kicks into gear this week with the Flexible Packaging Assn. annual meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. Watch for my followup report next Monday. In the meantime, follow my tweets live from the program this Thursday and Friday. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • 2012 Achievement Awards Dinner; the winners will be announced Wed. night
  • “2012 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report” from James Mize, Sealed Air Corp. and FPA chairman
  • “Growth Opportunities for US Flexible Packaging” from Jeff Bornstein, SAI Industrial
  • “Delivering Value Across the Value Chain” from Brian Wagner, PTIS
  • “Update on Flexible Packaging Materials” from Nick Vafiadis, CMAI
  • “Update on European Flexible Packaging Market” from FPE…and more

PLGA logoThen, Feb. 29-March 1 is the Packaging & Label Gravure Assn. Global 2012 Operational Conference in Miami. I’ll have an online report the following week, but again you can follow my tweets live from the program. Here’s the PLGA agenda:

  • Session 1: Facing Today’s and Tomorrow’s Workforce Issues on the Factory Floor
  • Session 2: Emerging Technology
  • Session 3: Implementing Process Improvement in Your Operation
  • Session 4: The Package Printing Process — Then, Now and in the Future
  • 2012 PLGA Print Quality Awards presentation and reception
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