CONVERTING QUARTERLY 2011 Quarter 3 Issue Alert

Converting Quarterly LogoAs the summer heat shifts into overdrive, we’re busy at CONVERTING QUARTERLY wrapping up the value-added content for our 2011 Quarter 3 issue, which features a Market Focus on Labels & Release Liners and a Technical Focus on Coating/Laminating and Slitting/Rewinding. Reader response to our first two editions has been outstanding. With nearly 17,000 print and digital-edition subscribers, the magazine is rapidly becoming a standard for our industry.

Another healthy dose of market data, technical-journal articles, Q&A columns and new-product information awaits readers across the globe through our international print circulation and 24/7 online access. Check out what’s in store for our next issue.

  • Labels & Release Liners Market Forecast: A compilation of data from AWA Alexander Watson Associates reveals strong demand ahead for all types of labels as well as broad-based growth for release liners in many end-use markets.
  • Five Coating/Laminating Technical Papers: Topics include UV-curable, pressure-sensitive adhesives as alternatives to solution acrylics; how to achieve repeatable in hot-melt slot-die coating; reducing silicone mist in high-speed coating systems; tools for driving release-liner recycling; and solving bubble-spot web-coating defects.
  • Slitting/Rewinding Technical Report: Consulting Technical Editor Dave Rumson writes on servomechanism-controlled shear knifeholders, their benefits and potential for web diagnostic-data collection.
  • Extrusion Lamination Technical Report: Consulting Technical Editor Eldridge Mount details lamination peel strength and its relationship to substrate performance for labeling, packaging and industrial end products.
  • Five Technical Q&A Columns: Get the answers to questions on film additives for vacuum web coating; sourcing the “perfect” polymer substrate; using the impregnation-coating process; the negative effects of excessive slitter top-knife overlap; and the benefits of arches in web handling.
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