Printed Electronics USA report ahead

We are exhibitors at Printed Electronics USA 2010The 2010 edition of Printed Electronics USA opens Tuesday with an exhibition-side reception before two full days of conference sessions. Some of the top speakers on tap: Kraft, Crayola, Boeing, Bayer, Panasonic, Ascent Solar and IBM. The 85-supplier tradeshow features CONVERTING QUARTERLY and AIMCAL in Booth 21, along with providers of materials, production methods, new devices, commercialized products, academic research and more. Co-located at the Santa Clara Convention Ctr. is the Photovoltaics USA 2010 event, covering the latest developments in thin-film, organic, printed photovoltaics as well as emerging technologies such as luminescent concentrators and infrared harvesting.

Converting Quarterly LogoFollow my on-site Tweets at and watch for my post-show report later this week. Looking forward to getting my very own AC electroluminescent nightlight as a lovely parting gift. For a preview of what’s to be revealed at the show and conference, check out my previous post, “Printed Electronics’ Next Killer Apps.”

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