Some cool package-converting stuff at PACK EXPO

PACK EXPO International (the Chicago edition) is one of the few “absolutely-can’t-miss” trade shows for our industry. Nowhere else can you see the entire spectrum of raw and finished materials, components, equipment and machinery for designing, converting, manufacturing and ultimately using packaging on product-packaging lines for everything from soup to nuts. (Okay, maybe at next year’s Interpack in Germany.) So, trying to present a rundown on cool, new products isn’t easy. Here’s my “Converting Curmudgeon” attempt to point out a few of the highlights:

Rollprint Clear FoilFilm offers stick-packs barrier, transparency, processing boost
In what is claimed to be the first transparent, non-aluminum foil, barrier film line for stick-pack and flow-wrapped applications, new Overture® One lamination from Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc., also offers high-speed sealing on the packaging line. The material is based on Rollprint’s proprietary ClearFoil® barrier-coated polyester coupled with aggressive sealant. With comparable performance to foil-based laminations at two-thirds of the thickness, Overture One creates obvious cost savings. Oxygen-barrier levels are available as low as 0.0008 cc/100in2/24hrs and moisture-barrier properties down to 0.0008 g/100in2/24hrs. More info

Flex-pack laminating speeds up with one solventless formulation
FlextraSL Fast™ solventless adhesive lets converters laminate at speed up to 1,800 fpm, slit in as few as six hours and PAA decay in as little as two days, according to supplier H.B. Fuller Co. With one formulation, the adhesive system’s chemistry allows for high-quality appearance and adhesion to many substrates (cellophane, Nylon, OPP, PET and high-slip sealant films). FlextraSL Fast adhesives are said to be suitable for end uses ranging from bottle labeling to boil-in-bag pouches. High-heat resistance accommodates microwave and standup, zippered pouches while high chemical resistance even combats difficult flavoring, says H.B.Fuller. More info

Ampac Flexi Free FilmSealant film features antimicrobial additive for consumer apps
Apex 3953 AM sealant films from Ampac include an antimicrobial additive to reduce the threat of bacterial activity for applications where hermetic seals or sealing to a fitment are required. The product responds to consumer concerns, inhibits the growth of bacterial odors and mildew, and is also BPA-free. End-product uses include foods and beverages where products or packaging are reused, as well as consumer goods such as personal-care, medical and pharmaceutical products, pouches for cough drops, cosmetics wipes, towelettes and other multi-use items. More info

Laminating adhesives enhance productivity for converters
Henkel’s newest generation of Liofol laminating adhesives are said to provide ease of use, speed, safety and enhanced productivity to converters for a better bottom line. The materials also meet customer demands for more sustainable products. Liofol LA7773-21 with Liofol LA6016-21 curing agent, a two-component, solventless polyurethane adhesive for flexible-packaging laminating, cures to full physical and regulatory compliance levels within 48 hrs and is very stable. More info

Directional-tear sealant film fits retort-pouch apps
Toray Plastics (America)’s new Torayfan® TreaTear™ polypropylene sealant film reportedly solves the consumer-frustrating problem of awkward tears when opening regular and retort pouches. The new patent-pending film design does not require laser scoring or perforations to make a clean, straight tear wherever it’s needed on a pouch. Two retort types are available: DR02 fits pouches that need 100% ink coverage; DR22 is for applications that require high clarity to view pouch contents. Available as thin as 30 microns (1.2 mil), TreaTear offers yield advantages over traditional 60- or 70-gauge sealant-web films, says Toray. More info

ISRA VisionMulti-view, multi-mode LED lighting detects film defects
For particularly high-quality films for technical apps, even very small scratches can result in expensive claims because they can lead to failure of, for example, more expensive TFT displays. ISRA VISION offers a new LED-lighting technology to securely detect even the smallest defects. The new multi-mode lighting design uses a narrow-band LED array to carry out very different lighting effects without costly multiple angle arrangements—multidimensional inspection to detect topological effects. By measuring in reflection and transmission, even the smallest defects such as layering defects, can be recognized on the surface. More info

Compact HMI eases use of many web-handling components
AccuWeb’s full line of web-handling accessories, including compensated edge detectors and line sensors, electromechanical linear actuators, and precision web-guide assemblies will soon benefit from the supplier’s new compact yet sophisticated human-machine interfaces. The economical HMIs help lower both retrofitting and designed-in applications for a broad range of converting machinery. More info

Extrusion Dies EPC dieEdge bead-reducing die for
extrusion coating cuts downtime

A new generation of the widely used EPC™ extrusion-coating die from Extrusion Dies Industries LLC boosts productivity by simplifying changes in product width and eliminating much of the deckle disassembly involved in cleaning and maintenance, the supplier says. The new EPC die cuts downtime four ways: Rapid and accurate changes in width; Easily inserted scraper to removed buildup; Ready access for replacing seals and adjusting die gap; and Fast removal of deckle system for “split and clean.” In the EPC die, the internal deckle components for adjusting the edge-bead profile are located downstream of the primary manifold—one in the pre-land section, the second in the secondary manifold. By adjusting the positions of these components relative to one another, it’s possible to reduce the flow of polymer at the extreme edges of the coating, thereby minimizing edge bead. More info

For more new converting products,
read “PACK EXPO 2010 Film Fest”

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