PACK EXPO 2010 Film Fest

PACK EXPO LogoA highlight for converters at next week’s PACK EXPO International 2010 in Chicago will be dozens of companies exhibiting their latest developments in primary film substrates. These materials are ready and waiting for further value-added converting by printing and lamination into the packaging structures of tomorrow. Here’s just a taste was what’s on show at McCormick Place Oct. 31-Nov. 3.

Toray Plastics (America)'s Ecodear bio-based filmsEcodear® bio-based films are clear, compostable, heat-sealable
Toray Plastics (America), Inc. (Booth 2935) will present its new Ecodear® advanced compostable bio-based films made with renewable resources. Manufactured with polylactic acid (PLA) resin, the thin biaxially-oriented films include a metallized heat-sealable version that reportedly delivers good moisture- and oxygen-barrier protection and a clear film for use as an inner seal layer or a printed web. New Ecodear films meet ASTM D6400 standard specifications for compostable plastics. Food-packaging applications include frozen foods, snacks, cookies, cereal and nutrition bars, and confectionery items. Non-food packaging apps include personal-care items, fashion accessories, promotional items, toys, office supplies, and other retail goods. More info:

VAST Films patterned metallization filmsMicrowave susceptor films fit food-product needs
Vast Films, Ltd. (Booth 8824) will display its full line of selectively metallized, microwave susceptor films for product- and package-specific microwave heating of food products. These pattern-metallized materials fit paperboard box and folding-carton applications. More info:

NATIVIA biodegradable PLA-film lineBiodegradable PLA film
comes in metallized grades

Taghleef Industries (Booth 7048) will show its new NATIVIA™ biodegradable film based on NatureWorks® PLA biopolymers. Complying with the European standard EN13432, the film is manufactured on a new BoPLA line from Brueckner. First production of 25- and 30-micron thicknesses of metallized NATIVIA films took place earlier this fall. The material fits multiple applications: food, fresh produce, bakery, confectionery, snacks and dairy. More info:

Metallyte™ OPP film can cost-effectively replace aluminum foil
ExxonMobil Chemical Co. Films and Polymer Businesses (Booth 6014)
will offer its Metallyte™ ultra-high barrier oriented polypropylene films that improve packaging performance for long shelf-life dry foods and beverages. Said to be a cost-effective replacement for aluminum foil in various constructions, Metallyte films enhance barrier performance, protecting products from moisture, oxygen and light. “Cradle-to-substrate” life cycle analysis also demonstrates that the production of Metallyte OPP film needs up to 50% less energy and generates less greenhouse gas and solid waste than the production of seven-micron foil. More info:

Jindal Poly film applicationsCoated PET, OPP films meet
broad packaging apps

Jindal Poly Films Ltd. (Booth 5606) will present its coated films for numerous packaging applications. Among the materials: one-side PVdC-coated PET film in two gauges; two-side acrylic-coatd OPP film in two gauges; white cavitated OPP film coated one-side acrylic and one-side PVdc in four gauges; and one-side silicon-coated PET film. Four grades (two each for transparent and white cavitated) of coated OPP films are under development and will be launched shortly. More info:

PLA shrink films are now patented
Plastic Suppliers, Inc. (Booth 3018) will exhibit its EarthFirst® TDO polylactic acid (PLA) shrink films that have been awarded US Patent 7,713,601 B2 for “Polylactic Acid Shrink Films and Methods of Casting Same.” The receipt of this patent validates Plastic Suppliers’ as the only true manufacturer of a bio-based, shrink-sleeve label film.  The EarthFirst® TDO product is currently being used in the shrink-sleeve label and tamper-evident band markets. More info:

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