First-annual Packaging Jingle Contest a social-media success

By JoAnn Hines, The Packaging Diva

2010 Packaging Jingle AwardWhat started out as a fun experiment had an outreach of 40,000+ readers. Between the participants and the tweeters, a large segment of the packaging community and interested parties was touched (tweeted) making the 1st annual Packaging Jingle Contest a social-media success.
Thank you, peeps, who took time to create a packaging jingle (packaging is the 3rd largest US industry). The jingles represent an awesome display of creative talent:  Over 60 packaging jingles were submitted for the competition. So it was hard for our judges to decide who’s jingle was the best but they did pick a winner.
And the Twitter Packaging Jingle winner is @eheebs Elizabeth from Learn more about her @
and Paul Bernard from Her jingle was judged to be the most creative, to the point and exactly 140 characters.
Drum Roll please:  A package ain’t just a bag or box, to hold your nuts or sell your socks. It must make friends in the store, so people want your product more.
…and the Twitter Packaging Jingle award (shown above) goes to Elizabeth for her use for one full year.

Honorable mentions include #41 Cheri Allbritton Twitter ID  @ArveyColumbus; #46 Todd Gasparik Twitter ID @smartplanettech; and Amrik Tatla #47; which can be read at @
Some jingles were really good, but they exceeded the amount of characters allowed by Twitter. Also some people didn’t have a Twitter ID so getting publicity for their participation was moot. But in any case, special thanks to all Packaging Jingle participants for making the 1st annual Packaging Jingle Contest a success.
The judges: Brad Shorr, Director of Content Marketing for Straight North, blogger, and packaging industry marketing specialist. More about Brad can be found @ Twitter ID @BradShorr
Yours truly, me, editor of The Converting Curmudgeon Blog. Twitter ID @CnvCurmudgeon
Award designer Miguel Elasmar Twitter ID @24KLogos. Miguel is a results-driven, creative consultant, designer and branding strategist located in the Orlando, FL, area, serving the continental US, Canada and Latin America.
So, until next year, keep those creative thinking caps on, and keep tweeting.

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