News Ticker – August 18, 2010

Polyolefin encapsulant films for photovoltaic apps offer new benefits
Dow Chemical debuts its ENLIGHT™ polyolefin encapsulant films, Dow Enlight solar PE-encapsultant filmswhich can reportedly enhance efficiencies in photovoltaic (PV) module production and lead to lower conversion costs. The films, suitable for C-Si and thin-film modules, also are said to provide greater module stability and improved electrical performance versus traditional encapsulants, such as EVA-based products.
     Users have found the films reduce cycle times up to 30% and that lamination temperature windows can be extended, Dow says. The films’ physical properties virtually eliminate bubbles, leading to fewer rejects. Damage to equipment and modules is also markedly reduced because the process does not produce acetic acid, according to Dow.
     The specialty films will initially be produced at Dow’s manufacturing plant in Findlay, OH, where a state-of-the-art production line was added to address the growing demand for specialty PV films. Commercial-scale manufacturing of ENLIGHT will begin in Q4 2010. More info  

Protective Packaging Solutions acquires Alpha Packaging
The Cincinnati-based converter buys the assets of nearby Alpha Packaging at a recent auction. The company will retain key Alpha Packaging staff members to ensure a smooth transition. Dave Rettig will become gm; Cindy Garrett will continue as operations mgr.; and Rich Hacker will remain as mgr. of design. More info

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