News Ticker – August 16, 2010

Boxing champ: Giftcard packaging goes upscale
Giftcard Baks partially assembledOn the way to a party, you stop at your local supermarket to purchase a gift card from one of those racks displaying dozens of choices from a variety of merchants. But now you need something to “package” the gift card. After all, just dropping it into a plain envelope is kind of tacky. Fortunately, the solution is right there on the rack: A GiftCard Bäks (pronounced “box”).
     Manufactured by Salt Lake City, UT-based
Giftcard Baks with boxBäks Co. LLC, the GiftCard Bäks is an easily assembled, setup box that comes complete with a silver, slanted gift-card holder; a self-forming, white-satin pull bow and To/From gift tag. The initially-flat box uses origami hinges, a locking flap and two small embedded-magnet closures to quickly form into a rigid, keepsake package that can just as quickly be folded again and reused. 
     Read my feature article in the August 2010 issue of Packaging Digest

Nanotech filter creates safe drinking water for less than a penny
     Researchers at South Africa’s Stellenbosch University have created a filter using nanotechnology fibers to clean contaminants and bacteria out of water. The new “tea bag” filter pouch provides a cheap solution for the billions of people without clean drinking water. The filter reportedly costs less than one cent each.
     The pouch, which holds ultra-thin nanoscale fibers to filter harmful contaminants, and bacteria-killing grains of carbon, is made from the same material used for South Africa’s popular rooibos tea. A person simply places the “tea bag” in the neck of a water bottle, and the bag cleans the water as he or she drinks. A single pouch cleans up to a liter of even the most heavily polluted water. More info

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