News Ticker – August 9, 2010

Nanocellulose pilot plant to be built in Stockholm
Innventia NanocelluloseThe world’s first pilot plant for making it possible to work with nanocellulose (left) on a large scale is reportedly now under construction in Stockholm, Sweden by research firm Innventia. Nanocellulose, a material extracted from wood fibers, is said to have exceptional strength, being more or less as strong as Kevlar. In contrast to Kevlar and other lightweight materials based on fossil fuels, nanocellulose is completely renewable. Its wide-ranging applications include environmentally compatible, renewable barrier films for food packaging, biomedical membranes and as a food-processing viscosity builder to replace carbohydrates. More info 

Exopack forms corporate R&D facility at WI plant
The Spartanburg, SC-based flexible-packaging converter has created a new Corporate Research & Development team, which will be led by R&D director Tom Lee, at the company’s Menasha, WI, manufacturing facility. The recent acquisition by Exopack of highly-desirable technologies from the former Alcan Food Americas Group helped spawn the idea for a centralized R&D team that could capitalize on the core competencies of the more than 50 engineers and scientists currently working within Exopack’s various business units, the company says. The team’s focus: Develop and bring to market cutting-edge flexible-packaging products. More info

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