News Ticker – August 4, 2010

Intertape Polymer Group Q2 2010 sales up 18.7%
The US/Canadian substrate provider reported Q2 2010 sales of $180.3 million—up 18.7% compared to the same period in 2009. Sales volume increased by approximately 12% over Q2 2009 due to some improvements in the overall economy, sales of new products, and additional channel and market development. Net loss for Q2 2010 was $2.7 million, primarily attributable to raw-material costs increasing more than selling prices.

Tredegar Film Products volume up, net income down
The Richmond, VA, substrate provider says its Film Products volume rose 9% in Q2 2010. Overall corporate net income was $5 million compared to $6.5 million in the same period last year. Film Products sales climbed 17.3% in Q2 2010 to $126.5 million; operating profit from ongoing operations increased 2.7% to $14 million.

Boise sees 17% rise in Q2 2010 corrugated-packaging shipments
The ID-based paper and corrugated-packaging converter reported total sales for Q2 2010 of $521.6 million, up $42.2 million, or 9%, from $479.4 million for Q2 2009. Shipments in corrugated packaging were up 17% over the prior year, and sales volumes of office, label and release, and flexible packaging products grew 14% over the prior year period. Packaging segment sales increased $35.9 million during Q2 2010 compared with Q2 2009 driven by higher sales volumes for corrugated and higher sales prices for linerboard.

MOD-PAC reports healthy custom carton sales
The Buffalo, NY-based paperboard-packaging converter says its total Q2 2010 sales were up 2.7% to $11.52 million. Sales of folding cartons rose 11.2% to $10.53 million driven by growth in custom carton sales. Stock packaging sales increased 1.2% to $1.49 million.

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