News Ticker – July 27, 2010

BRIC countries to drive global corrugated demand up 5% a year
Forecasted to grow to 98 million metric tons in 2015, the global corrugated-packaging market is will increase by almost 5% annually over the next five years, according to a new Pira International study. The highest expansion rates are predicted in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Poland. Corrugated consumption, valued at about $82 billion, was 77 million metric tons in 2009, the report says. Asia made up 44% of global production, China with nearly 25%, and the US with 20% of world corrugated production. More info

RockTenn reports strong corrugated-packaging sales in fiscal Q3
The Norcross, GA-based substrate provider and converter reported net sales of $771.9 million for its Q3 fiscal 2010, an increase of $68.0 million compared to Q3 fiscal 2009. The Consumer Packaging segment net sales increased 5.6% in Q3 fiscal 2010, due to higher volumes and increased paperboard selling prices. The Corrugated Packaging segment net sales increased $24 million to $210.5 million in Q3 fiscal 2010. The Specialty Paperboard Products segment net sales rose $19.4 million, primarily due to higher recycled-fiber prices and volumes and increased paperboard volumes. More info  

Sonoco targets 15% drop in global greenhouse-gas emissions by 2014
The global diversified packaging company said Monday that it is voluntarily targeting a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the converter’s more than 300 worldwide manufacturing plants by 2014. Sonoco released its 2009-2010 Sustainability Report yesterday. Sonoco made significant progress last year toward reducing GHG emissions by decreasing energy consumption and by converting steam boilers at some of the company’s paperboard mills to less carbon-intensive fuels. As an example, overall energy consumption at Sonoco’s North American paperboard mills was reduced by 3.3% in 2009, which saved it approximately $2.2 million. More info

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