New Technology Products Parade – July v3.0

New blown-film surface winder fits large-roll diameters
Davis-Standard SLC winderThe Davis-Standard SLC (SLiding Carriage) Series employs pneumatics instead of hydraulics for controlling the winding force and is capable of wound-roll diameters up to 60 in. Available in widths from 44 to 134 in.., the SLC handles 3- or 6-in. cores. The AC-driven winder offers several engineering features for improved performance. The weight of the roll is supported by bearings located close to the wound-roll edge and supported on a horizontal linear rail for greater shaft performance. The winding force is controlled via pneumatic cylinders with control feedback and taper capabilities. The finished-roll unloading system is independent from the winding transfer-cycle sequence shortening and streamlining new roll changes.

All-air web guide demonstration videos are now online
Coast Controls Demo VideoThe engineering behind Coast Controls web guides is explained via two new videos. One is dedicated to demonstrating how an all-air web guide works. The other shows the simple three-step process of setting up and calibrating an all-air web guide.  Unlike electronic web guides, there is no electricity used in an all-air system, only low-pressure plant air, usually between 3 to 6 psi. These systems are also impervious to dust as any airborne contaminants are continually blown away from the edge detectors.

Problem rolls can be rapidly repaired
PFE Roll RefurbishingRather than replacing damaged or problem rolls, experts at PFE Rolls can repair them and eliminate product problems caused by defective rolls. Refurbished rolls cost less than new rolls and require shorter lead times. Repair services include total journal replacement, welding or sleeving damaged journals, bearing replacement and rebalancing rolls for higher speeds. Surface treatments include custom platings, coatings and coverings. Rolls weighing up to 10 tons with diameters up to 62 in. and overall length to 520 in. can be refurbished.

Label-inspection units to debut at Labelexpo Americas
Among Advanced Vision Technology’s new equipment to debut at the Chicago show: The “iPrint” Mobile Application enables AVT customers to get real-time information from the production floor on their iPhone. Production status, quality information, statistical data and more are available immediately; the PrintVision/Helios II increases productivity by enabling printers to run faster, controlling 100% of the printed material 100% of the time, monitoring the amount of good labels produced, alerting on process problems as soon as they start to evolve, and recording every print defect found for downstream quality assurance; and the PrintVision/Helios II Barcode and Variable Barcodes module inspects and verifies UPC barcodes, 2D Data Matrix barcodes, and human-readable items. It also supports the new E-Pedigree FDA regulations to “track and trace” every step of the pharmaceutical drug.

Packaging-layout automation speeds prepress production
The PLA feature with the Kodak Prinergy Powerpack Workflow helps package printers reduce operational costs, improve production efficiencies and increase time-to-market. This capability uses Prinergy Rules-Based Automation Software and Pandora Step-and-Repeat Software to speed and streamline complex packaging jobs. It reportedly eliminates thousands of layout templates previously required to manage complex packaging-production workflows. PLA is said to end redundant data through automating processing upon receipt of JDF or XML input files from MIS/ERP Systems, which contain specific layers and rules.

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