New Technology Products Parade – July v2.0

Lifting carts ease handling of heavy shafts, chucks, rolls
Goldenrod GoldenliftGoldenrod GoldenLIFT carts are available in both fixed and movable designs and come equipped with customized tooling to handle airshafts, tissue core plugs, or rolls of material up to 500 lbs. Constructed of aluminum, they offer lightweight, easy-to-maneuver performance and feature large caster wheels, a central, foot-operated brake and a detachable remote-control pendant with multiple lift speeds, which allows for lift operation from all sides. Other features: Adjustable load capacity; adjustable handlebars for ergonomic positioning; completely enclosed, narrow, single-lift mast providing clear view for safe operation; and exchangeable power packs.
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Roll handler protects multiple rolls for long-distance transport
Badger Plug Roll HandlerBadger Plug recently received patent approval on its Roll Handler™ system that protects single and multiple rolls in very demanding shipping applications. It uses custom endboards and plastic sleeve plugs along with interlocking timbers to suspend and secure rolls. Strapping locks the system components securely together as a sturdy, unitized package that can withstand the rigors of cross-country or international transit. Said to be ideal for rolls with sensitive edges, the Roll Handler’s components can be made for export compatibility. More info

Suppliers unite for expertise in high-end foam extrusion
Davis Standard MuCell Extrusion LineA recent project between Davis-Standard and MuCell Extrusion has yielded new advances in environmentally sound, microcellular foam-based extrusion. DS tandem foam-extrusion equipment paired with MuCell carbon-dioxide gas injection enables production of foams in widths up to 52 in. in a cleaner, more cost-effective manner, the suppliers say. Zotefoams plc, a UK-based leader in the manufacture of LDPE, PP and Nylon block foams, is the first converter to adopt the combined technologies. The system has achieved foams with outstanding property performance and aesthetics, and microcellular structures under 100 microns (10 times more cells per unit of volume than traditional structures). In addition to improved quality, this technology is cleaner and less expensive to produce than hydrocarbon-based processes, the suppliers say. More info or

Free Montalvo presentation on Mark Andy 2200 tension-control upgrade
Montalvo S-3100 digital tension controllerThe Montalvo Corp. offers a PowerPoint presentation explaining how to upgrade Mark Andy 2200 flexographic-printing presses for better productivity and reduced downtime. The emphasis is on controlling tension on extensible materials from the full-roll mode down to the core using MA 2200 presses. Steps are shown for brake replacement with the Montalvo C-Series dual-disc brakes in situations where significant unwind friction and torque are occurring in the original brake installation. Web tension in this upgrade is controlled by a Montalvo load cell-based S-3100 digital tension controller which replaces the existing dancer-control system on the Mark Andy 2200. A Montalvo TNT tension-sensing roll replaces the existing idler roll.
Watch the presentation HERE

Digital file planner cuts label-printing prepress design time
Label Traxx File Planning Layout ScreenLabel Traxx Version 5.6—now in beta testing and scheduled for full release later this year—is said to dramatically cut file-preparation time for label printers using both conventional and digital presses, including the HP Indigo W6000. The digital file planner enables prepress operators to automatically arrange grouped labels into files or plates for press and reduces prepress processing time by 90%. Label Traxx digital file planner automatically organizes the order into files according to the order quantity. The prepress operator then has the flexibility to fine-tune the file format even further by hand. Debuted at the Digital Label Summit in Barcelona in late June, the software will be demonstrated at Labelexpo Americas in Chicago in September. More info

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