News Ticker – June 7, 2010

Packaging-machinery demand in China to rise 9% a year to 2014
Chinese FlagSales of packaging machinery in China will reach about US$8.7 billion in 2014, rising 8.7 percent annually, says a new Freedonia Group study. Gains will be driven by growth in output of packaged goods as well as a hike in the amount of packaging per product produced in China. Flexible-packaging converters, take note: Form/fill/seal equipment will remain the largest product segment in the Chinese packaging machinery market through the next five years. Good news for label makers, too: The fastest-growing machinery segment will be labelers—increasing 9.6 percent/yr to 2014. (Somebody has to make the converted packaging materials to run on all those new machines. How about your company? –CC)

Triple printing, tactile varnish adds 3D effects to shrink sleeves
Skinsleever 3D sleeve labels on Cricket LightersFrench sleeve-label converter/machinery provider SLEEVER Intl. today unveiled its new SKINLEEVER® tactile-varnish process to add what it calls “sensoriality,” a 3D finish to shrink labels to boost a product’s brand marketing strategy. Based on the company’s Helioflex® printing process, SKINSLEEVER uses gravure, flexography and screen printing in up to 14 colors; then applies a special outer varnish to enhance the printing volume. It is said to be compatible with all types of shrink-sleeve label films. The first application for SKINSLEEVER is Cricket lighters (made by Swedish Match group). More info

Bioplastics market sees growth amid 2009 economic downturn
Biodegradable mulching film with plantsThe best advice for beating the global economic crisis last year?
Go Green. The bulk of members in the Berlin-based European Bioplastics association reported healthy growth in 2009—in some cases considerably more than 5 percent up on 2008. Nearly half of the companies recorded growth, and only 10 percent posted losses. Association members see a positive trend for both 2010 and the year to come: 60 percent anticipate good or excellent results. Based on these healthy expectations, two thirds of the companies will be increasing their investment in the bioplastics sector this year. More info

New F&K CI-flexographic press makes North American debut
Fischer & Krecke FP15-S CI-flexographic printing pressThe Bobst Group took the occasion of last month’s FTA INFO*FLEX to stage the North American introduction of its new Fischer & Krecke Flexpress 15-S. That system, the first in a new series of compact, easy-to-operate, CI-flexographic presses, has a 49 in. print width, repeats lengths from 14.6 to 34.6 in. and requires minimum floor space. The new Flexpress 15-S is smartGPS™-ready with automatic print-startup registration and impression pre-setting. F&K’s smartGPS technology also won the prestigious 2010 FTA Technical Innovation Award at this year’s FFTA Forum.

Winterborne EnviroShell™ sustainable packaging awarded US patent
The trapped-blister, sustainable packaging recently received a US patent for its sealing method. Converted by Chatsworth, CA-based Winterborne, the EnviroShell™ features a unique corrugated design with a proprietary, patented seal that allows it to outperform traditional plastic clamshells and less-substantial trapped-blister packaging. Made from 100-percent recycled PET and 75-percent recycled materials (with up to 60-percent post-consumer content), the EnviroShell also helped Winterborne win the CONVERTING Magazine 2007 Innovator Award for Sustainability—“Doing Well By Doing Good.”

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