News Ticker – May 27, 2010

CPGs not fully aware of active packaging’s benefits: study
Fifty-seven percent of food and beverage industry executives are not at all aware or slightly aware of active and intelligent packaging, says a new study by UK firm Research & Markets, but that knowledge is growing. Converted products include time/temperature labels, smart labels, oxygen-scavenging sachets, among others.

Other key findings: 85.3 percent of executives say active and intelligent packaging will have some or a large impact on innovation within the food/beverage sector over the next five years. Food safety and traceability, food waste and environmental concerns are keenly influencing active and intelligent packaging apps. Nine percent of all new food and beverage products launched between 2006 and 2009 were tagged with fresh or freshness terms.

Smurfit-Stone inks long-term packaging deal with Calavo Growers
The Santa Paula, CA, avocado grower will use Smurfit-Stone Container as its long-term primary vendor for corrugated materials in North America and Hawaii. Factors in the decision were having access to the proprietary Meta Tray-8® for avocado-packaging programs including ProRipeVIP, display boxes for bagged avocados; a superior package for downstream ripening, less linerboard usage creating efficiencies and a significant reduction in carbon footprint, Calavo says. Smurfit-Stone also began providing turnkey installation of new case-forming equipment to all Calavo-operated locations this spring.

Folding-carton inspection unit does triple duty
Roberts Polypro CartonSpec 100% inline inspection systemRoberts PolyPro and Label Vision Systems have jointly debuted the CartonSpec™—a high-speed vision inspection and data-acquisition system for folding cartons. It reportedly allows for 100-percent inline inspection of cartons as they leave a feeder and enter a folder/gluer. The CartonSpec ascertains that every carton entering a folder/gluer meets printing and appearance specifications; reads all standard barcodes for quality assurance that the carton and product are in synch; and matches database records for mass-serialization applications. Aimed primarily at pharma and cosmetic packaging converters, where print quality and appearance, data acquisition, and risk minimization are paramount concerns, it runs at folder/gluer speeds up to 1,000 fpm. Roberts PolyPro will have two week-long open houses this summer to demo the product. More info

Learn how to optimize extrusion-based laminating and coating
Dr. Eldridge Mount will lead this two-day AIMCAL Converting School program June 8-9 in Rochester, NY. “Optimizing Extrusion-Based Lamination and Coating Technology” is an intermediate-level course in the operation, optimization, and design of extrusion-lamination and coating processes with a focus on improving existing equipment. More info

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