Thanks a lot

When I started in the B2B publishing field, I made it a habit to end all my phone calls with the words, “Thanks a lot.” Sometimes, I don’t even say, “Goodbye” (not exactly a good thing). I just think it’s important to say thank you.

Converting Magazine April 2010 Buyers GuideSo, with the closure of CONVERTING Magazine, I’d like to once more say, “Thanks a lot.”

To our loyal readers, the package printers and converters whose stories we told in myriad ways over the past 27-and-a-half years: Thanks a lot for sharing your insights and advice with the thousands of your peers who received the magazine every month and the thousands more who visited our Website.

To our loyal advertisers, the industry suppliers whose developments and innovations we profiled: Thanks a lot for your story leads that often resulted in the detailed converter features we published. Thanks a lot also for your business and for supporting us from the very beginning, including Anderson & Vreeland, Harper Corp., Elsner Engineering Works, Tidland, Lever Mfg. and Dover Flexo Electronics. These companies ran ads in our first issue AND our last. (Forgive me for forgetting anyone.)

If you found this space, you know “The Converting Curmudgeon” blog is alive and well. If you’ve found any value in my posts over the past two years or so, please bookmark me again. Better yet, click on the “Sign Me Up” box in the right-hand column and get an email alert of new posts.

So, for now, thanks a lot.

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  1. CS says:

    A big thanks to you as well, Mark, for all of your hard work and insights into the industry over the years. Converting magazine will be missed. Happy to see your blog is still running, though!

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